When the design and frontend development ends, the backend developments steps into the picture – this is the force implementing the business logic. High level and coherent code, versioning and industry standards – this is the backend of Lana Codes.

Public knowledge added to ours

In our backend development we aim for the best solution. Interestingly enough, this is not contradictory to the fact that we prefer open source solutions – while this saves a lot of our time and your money too, due to the standards of the WordPress community is also ensures strict quality control. Our company is somewhat different from its competitors when it comes to open source solutions – we put a strong emphasis on this type of development. As a result of this and of the fact that we have been working in this field for a long time now, we can reuse a lot of our own solutions in our projects.

Subject matter experts for backend

Of course, if no open source solution is available or the requirement is unique, our backend development team does not hesitate to start from scratch. We use WordPress standards – whenever we upload a new content to the WordPress page, it is checked by the review team, ensuring it is in line with the highest standards. We use clear and coherent code – this makes a future enhancement or upgrade easily reachable. Full quality control is of utmost importance for us when it comes to backend development, only this can ensure top industry standards.