Precision and creativity, user experience in the post-desktop world, this is the essence of frontend development. When good graphic and user experience designers collaborate with frontend developers, the result is always a unique experience for the end user.

End of the desktop hegemony

While a decade ago a good website of the desktop world could get the title professional, today’s pages need to prove themselves on a couple of difference platforms. Multi-device usability is essential and our team at Lana.Codes put a strong emphasis on the above. This is exactly what makes us experts in our projects. While not long ago frontend was rather considered to be a designer’s work, today it is on the edge between coding and design. Collaboration between these two fields has never been more important, especially because technologies on the client side became programmable.

Touch screen above all

While being agile and flexible is a must have quality in the coding world, there are some cornerstones that are essential when we do our frontend development. We always use Bootstrap 4, a framework that ensures responsivity – this is one of the reasons why we excel in mobile optimisation. In detail, we use the SmartMenus website menu script (with Bootstrap extension) and for the sliders our choice is always Swiper – the above combination is what we’ve found the best. This is not our experience only, the feedback of our customers proves exactly the same notion.