While a developer company’s main profile does not necessarily cover test and audit exercises, we are happy to assist our customers in case we are asked to perform any of these tasks. At the end of the day, lifelong learning is one of our key philosophies and the above is a good example where both sides can gain from the work.

Automated or manual testing

When it comes to a WordPress system it is important to understand the difference between automated and manual testing. The former is primarily for checking the functionality of the system: with the help of PHPUnit we create unit test codes. Executing these helps us to determine whether functions work correctly, providing the required outcome and results. Manual testing is beneficial for bigger projects where we use them on top of automated testing. This method uncovers possible logical and structural mistakes in the code and based on that we can provide our feedback on further development or suggest any necessary correction. It is really important to create test plans and drafts, these assist us to determine our goals and guidelines. User acceptance, compatibility, efficiency and security tests – all of these are familiar to us, just to mention a few examples. When it comes to security testing, most of the time we refer to the various free vulnerability scanning software. This tests WordPress pages by checking its version, the themes and plugins it uses – and it detects any possible vulnerability based on this.

Audit and community service

A specific feature of WordPress is that the core contains a lot of useful functions and unfortunately a the majority of developers lack the knowledge on this. Instead, they write their own functions resulting in a lot of extra work (and extra money for their clients). Just to mention such an example, the selected() function of the core is neglected by most of the developers when creating a plugin. By auditing WordPress systems we uncover these shortcomings and we give an advice to our customers – by using the functions of the core itself we can show them an alternate option on using clearer and more stable code.
We truly consider community service important, this also aligns with our company’s philosophy. As a result of this, if we discover any issue with a third party theme or plugin we use, we immediately report the problem to the developers.